The Piper Place Paducah TX

768 Acres of Prime Hunting Land

Asking Price $652,800 ($850/Acre)

Many Deer on this peice of land!

The Piper Place consists of  Acres of Excellent Grass Land, Crop Land, Reemerging Brush and Original Established Brush Pasture located +-.5 Miles North of Paducah TX. Ideal for Hunting!

Excellent Grass- Check
Thick Brush- Check 
Large Trees- Check
Excellent Feed- Check
Creeks- Check

Featured Animals Include:
*Wild Hogs

The land features:
*Water Well
*1 Man made tank that is fed by rain water
*Thick Grass, Open Brush and Thick Brush Ideal for Hunting
*539 Acres of Grass ond Crop Land
*228 Acres of Brush Pasture Land

This great piece of land is right on the outside of the Paducah City Limits, There are several creeks with large trees that provide excellent cover for a variety of animals. Much of the land is covered in thick grass that provides excellent cover for birds. The grass land has some reemerging mesquite brush that that will allow you to be able to scope a much larger area without having the limitations of thick brush. The land features 1 pond that is fed by rain water through the creeks.
The land is easily accessible from Paducah via a paved and unpaved County Rd

For more information or to schedule a showing please call 806 654 3842 or email dirk@pru-ada.com.  

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